Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2015

*Peace*~by Bhat Naieem




I’m sturgy, my heart is harder than stone
Nobody just me, I’m all on my own
I lost my love in blur since i wear mis-fortune
Cause I’m ugly, and still claim the moon

Deep inside I’m dying
I need nobody, listen I’m lying
I hate the people who kept prying
And in no way noticed me though i was crying.

Now, before ripening, I’m departing to fall
as following six, falls the ball
Nobody had to grasp me, and that’s all
The worth of masochists is constantly that small

Tell the hypocrites to take away the gaze
Tell them he’s no more, stop the chase
He had attained the peace beside fields of maize
Where shepherds sing and sheep graze

©Bhat Naieem

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