Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2015

ROAMING~by Anil Kumar Panda




The night is thick with
Fragrance of musk, emanating
From the thick copse standing tall
By the stream;
Silence reigns like a mote
Around the gelid darkness,
You do come when vagrant mind
Succumb to quiescent dream;

Come, wake me up,
Bring with you ineluctable
Essence of your undying love,
And sprinkle that on my bed;
Banish shadows of doubts
Charm me with soft squiggle of passion
And let me go mad;

Help me embrace the peace,
Abounds in your high bosom,
Take my hand to the domain of your
Pulsating squib;
Fill me with the lust of your eyes
Drive me crazy with your lips
Let your tongue send the desire
Deep into my rib;

Sickle of a moon performs the ablution,
With honey dripping from
Your pores and run down towards my
Toes to fall on the creepy grass;
As around the soft mound,
You feel the forked tongue
Roving and licking the hot dew
Your body glistening as polished brass.

Let us hang onto the blithe moments,
Positioned with slipping stars
Let the bodies sing the tune
Of night long whispers of slippery hours;
Let me fall upon you
And you upon me for many times
Till we lie sloth inhaling sweet scent
Rising from the shady bowers.

@Tiku 2015

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