Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2015

The Bliss Of Faith~by Jenayah Hela



The Bliss Of Faith

My ambition weighs the world
Climbing mountains of Hope before its stricken soul is heard
Far down the mountain lies my heart
Waiting for its promised fate to play its glorious part
What if my bliss of faith is treasured?
What if my straining and helpless toil are measured?
Sweet thoughts with ardent desire reigned supreme
Spreading the nectar of love with bewitching charm meant to gleam
One day i will rest my heartbroken soul on your warm arms
In your hearty embrace and soft kisses they will be healed by your charms
In your intimacy my love will turn into a relaxing balm
Faith is the essence of life
It will cleanse my fear from its struggling strife
With bliss of faith
No matter how bulky the ordeals i shall endure
For this adventure,
I can resist the lure

Written by Jenayah Hela
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  1. A priori ce n’est pas 3 contrôles manqués, c’est 3 manquements à l&tu;soqobligarion de signaler où il est. C’est quand même assez différent.

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