Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2015

YOU ARE THE DARK HOLE !~by Sankar Gopalakrishnan Nair




One day a star thought that,
he is not the Dark Hole.
Until then duality was not there –
even in the remote dreams of any star.
He taught other stars that –
they are totally separate from the Dark Hole.
The Dark Hole is our God.
He advised stars and their planets to worship Dark Hole.
Gradually other stars start believing him.
They built churches for the Dark Hole.
Some stars start searching for the Dark Hole.
Some stars among the seekers of Dark Hole were able to find it –
but all those stars, who could find the Dark Hole became Dark Hole.
There was no one to return and explain about their finding.
There are stars,who argued that –
there is no such thing as “Dark Hole”.
Some believed strongly that-
there is a Dark Hole some where in the space.
They start quarreling each other for and against the Dark Hole.
One day a star called “Sun” realized that, “I am the Dark Hole”.
He declared it to other stars.
He tried to teach other stars that-
“I am the Dark Hole as you are !”.
He said : all stars and their planets, whether big or small-
emerged from Dark Hole and finally merge with the Dark Hole.
They scorned….cursed……treated him like a fraud.

Author :Sankar Gopalakrishnan Nair.

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