Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2015





Memories stick like fresh jackfruit gum
To my soft skin till the oil of dispassion
Soaks in, to help rob off desires glum
Squatting at roots of hairs’ passion ;

When the beauty of the morning entices
Me away into familiar nests of illusion,
Where birds of love roost during storm
Making me forget all renewed affection
Of many old names :
The road in front of your old hostel
Where I wander like a persistent shadow
Refusing to move across Time ;
Rather being driven along like an eternal dry leaf in wind
In search of its raw colours in shades of bright green.

You smile from the cheeks of million leaves
In the crazed look of pretty flowers ,
Writing the song of salvation in the wind
As the murmur of memories merges into a silence
Of a lonely kind, into deep roots of a brooding mind .

@copy right : Saroj k. Padhi, 29/03/15

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