Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2015

” play of mind “~by Raj Babu Gandham



” play of mind “

I don’t know myself
but claim to know you, and
even the person next to you
I can’t even see myself
but boast I know about
you and your inside out
all these plays of mind
all are waves as thoughts
in our ocean of consciousness
talking about others more
thinking what other think of us
is a vicious trick of mind
to divert your course of life
to deviate your paths on love
and create your own miseries
you get trapped, in
your own mesh of thoughts
unknown to your own self
let me know me
let me see what I am
let me live myself
let us understand this
let us realise this
let us know this truth

you and me have a body
you have a mind he has a mind
you are a soul we too are same
don’t fight for money
don’t kill for wealth
don’t live a life of lies
all of us want to be happy
we want to be always in good health
peace is what matters for us
know your mind
know your thoughts
see your truth
for every one of us
for every being alive
love is what liberates
from the clutches, of
our own mind games
~ yathi..Raj Babu Gandham
copyright @ author rajbabug 29mar15 1053 1516 manasa engagement.

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