Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2015

SHE LOST SHE~by Godfrey Kedogo




I met her
and she
changed me

She taught me
how to be me
how to walk straight
and not on my knee

She molded me
out of rough clay
to my refined self

She knew how
to break me
pick the pieces
and make me

She was the
portrait of elegance
the image and
story of substance

She was my
reference her
innocence outstanding
let alone her eloquence

She lost it
she lost she
I see her and
I can’t recognize her

Her elegance lost
in dried up tears
the lessons she taught
making her a lessons
to be taught

She lost she
to undying pain
intolerant to the
tolerance she taught
is what she has became

She lost she
to love
She’s unable to
love she in
the struggle to unlearn
how not to love Love.

She’s lost she
she found whiskey
she lost she
she found painful pain
in the memorial she.

Je suis Mariee

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