Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

Dont wake me up~by Asif Ahmed



Dont wake me up

Dont wake me up from this dream,
and be mercy on me always when I snore.
My sleep in your heart is an endless Journey,
started in Me in you and destined to You in Me.

Dont curse me if I hurt You,
for that i dont mean it when I sleep,
dont come and talk rubbish, i cant hear you,
or teach me how to Listen to you when I sleep.

I could feel your breeze inside and storm outside,
and you know, your fairy heart is bouncing up when you smile.
Once I enter in your pulse codes, the colors in you
were leading me into your broken pieces.

Alas!I am restless in this thumping heart in Love,
dont wake me up from this swimming dream.

— with Edilene Palma Milanesi.

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