Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2015

Woman~by Melvina Germain




I’amWoman, created to reign on the earth as Queen,

I’mthat precious diamond, an amazing human being.

I’vecome to earth not as your servant or the flesh for

Youto walk upon, but as a remarkable human who stands

byGod and his son.


I’amthe vessel who bears God’s beautiful creation,

inthe warmth of my womb producing all mankind.

Noone can ever duplicate me with new innovation,

asI’m unique and special with infinite worth, sublime.


Jealousyis my enemy and evil pounces harsh and strong,

a human’s heavy hand of brutality, so often comesalong.

Istand a fearless warrior, as I wear my earthly crown,

Satanmay strike me hard, but will never keep me down.


I’amWoman, resilient, O yes that’s most certainly me,

Ibear the strength of my Mother and my Father’s tenacity.

I’ama precious Griot, a story teller of this mysterious world,

wearinghistory in my mind, telling truth of all humanity.


I’llwalk through dark valleys, trudge through many storms.

Myworth surpasses all as my spiritual body becomes reborn.

I’amwoman, forgiving, loving, compassionate and free,

I’llaccept nothing less than what my maker wants for me.


I’mdeserving of a good man, yes Father says that’s true,

thewinner that I’am, only the best must come from you.

Ideserve a man to stand by me, protecting me in every way,

Aman willing to give of his life, in the darkness of the day.


Letme be his precious Jewel, let me be his beautiful Queen,

Iwill stand by him, through darkness and the brightest light.

Tosave the beauty of family, together we will always fight.

Whenthe curtain closes, when the silent wind softly blows,

Ipraise God, that I’am Woman, in Heaven an Angel glows.


Writtenby:  Melvina Germain

Date:           March 26/2015

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