Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 31, 2015

For my Roses.~by Asif Ahmed



For my Roses.

Roses of the earth were seeds of
those roses once hanged upon her locks of snaky hairs.
Roses began planted once she shed those curls to the waning land.

Once she bleeds, the roses begin shining red.
Once she starts loving, it takes hues of the universe,
Once she cries, they clothes darker, clouded with dews of tears
Never try to pluck those roses here, folks,
My Monica will cry, we will miss this summer then. We will miss these terrible odors.
My Rose will weep. Balance of the Eden get loose.
The Heaven get trembled.

Water these roses with love and care,
Our mind get better skied,
Our thoughts will overflow,
Graces from God and Mother increase.
Worship flowers, worship God, and love all before you, after you.

Don’t pluck these roses folks,
All is well when these roses smile.
All is well when her curls bloom.

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