Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 31, 2015

“ what is this “ ~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ what is this “

what is this
you did to me
how is this
happened to me
when all this
happened to us
why all this
we did to us
i feel empty now
with thoughts of you
all your plays of love
in our night long stay
the stars shined
flowers bloomed
in hearts of us
with the touches of both
my unknown layers
you unfurled in me
making me stay
nude in front of me
i loved your play
i confess this to you now
didn’t we lived in delight
our all night whispers

our plays with thoughts
touches with words
we tickled each
we aroused the other
knowing not
these plays of words
coming from our hearts
how much we wanted
to be together again
in arms of you
in heart of mine
to lay loving all through
o ! night i love you
~ yathi..rajbabu gandham

copyright © author rajbabug 31mar15 0122 0838

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