Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2015

My Last Adieu~by Aendgzel Roze



My Last Adieu

The moon peeps on this tranquil evening

Moment of silence lingers through the vast sky

As if persuading me to be calm

Hold on…But how can i?

So lonesome here without a glimpse of you

Longing for your presence to be seen

My heart filled with emptiness

Keep believing that it’s your Love

That can sustain to keep it alive

The wind blows, makes me shiver

Coldness pervading within my languid body

Still waiting for your embraces

To give warmth to my numb and lost soul
Time passes, still here in muse

I close my eyes, asking my self

Why you went away so soon?

When all the while i thought

That we will be together as One

‘Til the end of time

All that’s left are just the pain

In the core of my being

Desolated here in the shadow of you

But, I must go back to my senses

To accept the reality and let go

To save and be free from all this madness

So let me send you through the murmuring wind

This last kiss of my love

And whisper “I always love you”

Before i bid goodbye…


©purple Roze 01Oct2014

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