Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2015

I SAW YOU DANCING LIKE A FAIRY~by Dipankar Sadhukhan




I was sitting in my balcony
In a hot summer afternoon.
Suddenly the sky was covered
With the dark sheets of cloud.
Few black rays entered my mind
To give birth to a mysterious fear.

I heard the roar of cloud
And felt a storm arising from the west.
My mind and heart got startled
With the violent wind
But I didn’t leave my favourite couch
To see what would happen .

The whole sky was covered with darkness.
The light of darkness falls on the earth.
I found lightning dancing
With the roaring of cloud.
The trees looked like the people
Who are forced to stand before cannon.

When the cool showers of rain poured down,
I saw you dancing and singing
With the rhythm of the showers of rain.
On seeing you dancing like a fairy
The darkness and fear escaped from my mind
And my heart felt the ecstasy of your Love.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kokata, India.

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