Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2015

………..A NEW BORN BOND……….~by Vinod Kumar Mishra



………..A NEW BORN BOND……….

Don’t shut the door with a thud,
I promise I’ll die young-Byronic end,
Bend a bit for a far better end,
Heart’s spears shower bliss for jerk,
Meant for somebody means most to me,
God loves me with nine day’s breath,
Have sent a bond to Time’s death,
To lend me the lordship of thy heart,
A womb that bears a warm soul,me,
A life fresh-a baby born,a blessed bleat,
At moments spotless,stars in favour,
At dawn to travel to blissful Helen,
When Morning fans air to and fro.
I’m crying for a urge-a baby in cradle,
The second coming near-I’m sprouting,
To rule to be ruled at heart’s threshold,
With head ahead,hero;heart ahead,human,
On his way,swaggering-“She’ll behold me,
Hold in her arms,with beady eyes bedewed,
Senses drunken gone wild,awaited boon,
Oblivious of all,soul full of emotions intense,
As an innocent baby,crying for towering moon.”

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