Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2015

Alias, Ice Cold Eyes! ~by rldubour



Alias, Ice Cold Eyes!

There goes Peter Cottontail
He’s off to jail with no bail.
Hip pity hop, that’s the trend today.

Instead of eggs he’s packing guns
He thought that this would be more fun
Hip pity hop, he has changed his ways.

From stealing cars to snorting drugs
He became a two bit thug
Hip pity hop, he even changed his name.

A street name now he does go by
He claims his name is, “Ice cold eyes!”
Hip pity hop, just who do we blame?

He terrorizes the neighborhood
They claims he is misunderstood.
Hip pity hop, he has no more shame.

He was never taught what’s wrong or right
He’ll break into your home at night.
Hip pity hop, don’t get in his way.

From pimping whores to robbing stores
This is all he’s living for
Hip pity hop, this is how he plays.

This world is not safe this present day
Seems our young have gone astray.
Hip pity hop, they choose the violent way.

Many changes has to be
If we’re to live in harmony.
Hip pity hop, why can’t more people see?


Greed and violence everywhere
Yet still have time to ban school prayers.
Hip pity hop, what does Easter mean?

Our world is really in a mess
I said my case and now I’ll rest.
Hip pity hop, I pray for better days.

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