Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2015

First love~by Nutan Sarawagi



First love

First love was love
it was love’s last
coz it was true love
love adorned in it’s own love
sweet innocent
lost in it’s own love
it came like a breath of fresh air
in wings of the moon
flying high in birds of love
that fly so high so high
as if in it’s love
to touch the sky
forever flowing
never too high
in it’s love soaring up
touching love
as if in it’s touch
reaching the sky
in the moment of love
as love meets you in the eye
never to let go
as it sees love
in every eye passing by
to feel love as you sing and dance
as love abounds in you
playing in your love
with the love of your eye
never to stop , it has no stop
flying in it
flying high
and then one day
the sky turns grey
filled with clouds
in it’s every turn
suddenly grey
as twilight descends
and the heart becomes heavy
keeping love at bay

and you wonder what happened
as love descends in itself
hating itself
in what used to be once called love
never beating
now retreating
as if hiding in it’s shell
hastily now ending
as if in it’s love seeking it’s end
in it’s end seeing it’s end
as if in it lies it’s destiny
give me back that love !
in which lies sorrow
in which there was
no tomorrow
in it lay destiny
now I pick up
the shorn pieces
torn from my hearts
in paper boats
to float in my heart
where there is no heart left
only paper hearts
left in my destiny
as I pick love in love
as if running
from it’s own destiny
as it lies dead
not knowing it’s destiny
dead in it’s own destiny
to call it it’s own destiny.. destiny
destiny as loves lies destitute in it’s own destiny
dead in it’s own love’s love
dying in it’s love
breaking it’s heart
breaking in it’s love
dead in it’s love
dead in it’s own destiny !

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