Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2015

A moment in an ocean of time~by Yassin Sbai



A moment in an ocean of time

The blurred balcony glass

Shadowed by a heavy cloud

Closed door

Caged bird

Folded read and unread books

The sound of water springs

Burble, gurgle,

The murmur of a gentle breeze

The flutes, the oboes, the horns, the saxophones,

The violins, the harp, the bass

Utter melodically concurred notes

Slow motion flying sound

Mounting wave slowly smoothly

Falls on golden sand

A “swan lake” song

Floats on the air of a room

Spreading more beauty and chasing gloom

Reveled, relaxed

A moment felt

A moment sliding in oblivion

In an ocean of time


CR, Sbai Yassin

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