Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 5, 2015


By the Mighty Mumford


(As spoken of by Bible references)

“Be they in Us as We are,”

There before death went a Star…

Understand not?

Become begot,

Of the Father’s power!

All who would may drink,

By faith in Christ be linked…

With the Divine—

Christ’s very mind–

In the Body of Christ…you think?

Mysteries revealed

Today after ages concealed…

Thus He appears

Banishing fears

Of spirits who convulsed and squealed.

Come to your Savior today,

Don’t push aside the One Way…

Jews may doubt,

 Muslims throw out,

And pagans shove Him out of their way!

Repdent of your sin and take life,

Not mindless ceasing of strife…

Unlike contenders

He’s no pretender,

Only He paid the price!

All who refuse Christ are doomed

To repeat death and the tomb…

Then kept until

All see His will,

And final judgment assume.

Don’t think your…

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