Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2015

The Diminished Images~by Sanjay Sharma



The Diminished Images

All of us are interlinked,
there is some connection,
though strangers to one another,
there is some hidden affection.

Our hearts have soft corners,
lodged with mild emotions,
These untouched globules,
can be transformed into oceans!

Alas! mystery can’t be unravelled,
owing to the worldly bondages,
so our thoughts remain scattered,
and we see the Diminished images.

We are somehow intertwined,
there is a universal factor,
from one soul to another,
there is a cosmic connector!

Our cast, colour and creed,
confine us to a small tract,
these expanses remain obscured,
only to consolidate the cataract!

We can’t perceive the extreme,
being trapped in early stages,
due to the egoistical impulses,
we see the Diminished images.

We are attached to each other,
there is some inherent relation,
no one can be like an island,
this universe is one nation!

Due to our mental boundaries,
our love don’t some how nurture,
so we need to redefine the limits,
coz there is more of infrastructure!

So let us revive the humanity,
it has lost the face since ages,
emerge out of narrow mindedness,
and reverse the diminished images.

After all God created man in his own image!!

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