Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2015

. “ window “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ window “

through window
of my heart, when i peeped
i found you…
leaning on to your wall
holding on to your tear
clutching on to your heart
you stood there…
waiting for some one
looking at your eyes
into depths of your hurts
i read them…
all the pains you held in
the paint on your wall
your scattered thoughts printed
i knew then…
how much you were wrong
between the lines you share
you hide yourself from some
i thought so …
you know this now
your spilling of thoughts
as pebbles on a beach
to find you…
what you are from inside

many walk past the way
unmindful, of your pains
you too know…
you kept your hopes alive
all the cracks you cover
all the wounds you hide
i have sensed them…
with the pulse of my heart
the glow in your eyes
shine of your smile
a known disguise…
for the sake of the world
paint your wall
with the truth of your heart
to know your soul…
tomorrow may be the day
keep open
window of your heart
for the breeze of your
beloved’s whispers
~ yathi..rajbabu gandham

copyright © author rajbabug 04apr15 1454 1949

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