Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2015

WORDS~by Suzette Portes San Jose




like dew drops gathered in early morn
slowly flows to drip off to a leaf adorn

convene the glory of a rainbows pot of gold
never adjourn the beauty it can ever hold

on its wings of freedon it can soar as high
with wisdom, so swift it glide through the sky

in times confound by uttered truth or lie
should a soul ever be bound to deny

can be of dreams that claims eternity
with passion concealed in kind certainty

in loves desire gathers them from the heart
solely it is kept from with in to make a start

should time failed and keep words to silence
a soul cries out to withstand its absence

lips may tremble in search for words to keep
never knowing it is with inner self so deep

let them be the blood that runs through the vein
for in every scene of consciousness it will convene

as it exist in mind through times immortality
it is destined in our lifes phase on discreet intigrity


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