Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2015

Born dead~by Nutan Sarawagi



Born dead

In the court of law
she knew no other law
but her own
in which she was abducted
as if a valiant destructed
as she lies in it slain
as if it was a fault of hers
nobody’s fault they say
then why was she abducted
in it she was inducted
a prostitute from childhood
no other craft she knew
she sold her body to who could take her through
through life’s passages in which her life she drew
drawing from life as she lay
withdrawing in cages she only knew
no mercy
remorseless faces
she knew in her heart , she drew
as they slain her
kill her , in her
in her life she withdrew
no longer written in her
she fought she was so true
she was truth in whom everyone there lies drew
and now she lies restless , her life is broken wings
torn in her from her , as she lies torn within
as if it was never hers , to even once begin
ending in her, in it even before it begins
she was life
she chose death
In her death to begin
In her death lay her death crying before her eyes
taking her with her , caring as she died
for she was dead born from the dead
in her death
her reason died !

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