Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2015





Slowly and gradually life keeps moving
It depends upon how you are also heading
Initially you may have to face the tough time
But it also happens you will be having your show time

Life is an event which happens now and then
Its an amazing path which gives you strength
The only way is to move ahead in life
There is no other way than to struggle and win this life

This life of yours is nothing less than a blessing
You should always move ahead without cursing
There will be moments when you will be wondering
Is this a dream come true or this life is so much amazing

This one life has got so much to look up to
This one life has so much blessing to live up to
Whether it comes on time or whether there will be delay
You will always have one day in life which will make u stay

Than you will realize this delay was worth waiting for
Because that day you will be on the top not looking for
All the things which make you feel low and made you down
That one day you wont feel you are on the ground

Amazing are the people
Blessed are the way
You are always loved
Sooner or later come what may

Just Live your life
Just love your life
You will be loved back
No matter what keep moving
Than you will have to never look back


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