Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2015

The Rain Must Fall~by rldubour




The Rain Must Fall

I lie here and listen, to the rhythm of the falling rain.
While my eyes fill with teardrops my heart fills with pain.
I know it’s no use, so why should I cry.
I know you don’t love me, so why can’t I die.
I must learn to forget you and my love I must hide.
So tell me how can I? With a love that won’t die.
How can I stop loving you this I must learn.
I must learn to forget you, before I am burned.
And if I am burned then my heart will turn cold.
That’s the only way out my love will just go.
Darling, you burned me how it hurts deep inside.
And now I have learned so why should I cry.
Now I must realize that this is the end.
The end of a true love and never again.
So darling I’ll go now, won’t say good-bye.
Because good-byes are for true loves and ours just died.

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