Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 7, 2015

Glibber Man~by Norman Wilson



Glibber Man

Flames shoot out onto the stark of night
Unadorned in desolation of barren hearts
Where cawing clattering spews in dark
Rousing a firestorm ripping souls apart

Memories embrace in glow of virgin lights
Stillborn from prancing shadows on stone
Where the man dances on hallow heights
Above fresh marrow of cinders and bones

Bombs thoughtlessly falling in fallow woe
Trouncing death glibly for he knows he can
On mothers, fathers children and little dogs
From the volley of the warring, glibber man

He speaks no words for the anarchy he brings
For the slings that circle the sparrows of dawn
While morning tweeting fades from their breath
As the glibber man emerges dropping his bombs

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