Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 7, 2015

“My life story with Life”~by Eddie Pop



“My life story with Life”

Twenty-two years ago before we met,
I was in my mother, safe and well set;
In her warmth, I was sound and worriless,
Her rich pleasant comfort turned me needless;
After nine months, I still wanted to stay,
In her small world, I always found my way;
At ten months while I still refused to be,
Swimming quiet in goodness, Life came to me;
With a cute face, she was so convincing,
She brought pictures looking so promising;
She said that there was everything out there,
That there was a big world there all too fair;
After some days, she showed me the way out,
With hopes, head first, I agreed to come out;
Seeing so many blurred faces, I cried,
In Mom’s arms, I realised Life did not lie;
Her face was so lovable, all I could see,
Night and day, she was all the time with me;
Those two years, I was the star of the show,
They loved me with kisses and cares to show;
It was good time, I had all I wanted,
To touch and play with me, they all wanted;
The third year, Life came back to me in true,
With a language I started to construe;
She said that this world had more to explore,
That to do so, I had to leave the floor;

With excitement, I stood and walked to her,
I talked, understood and ventured out there;
With all the things out, she was again right,
Mom’s words were so sweet, I loved them at sight;
Without my knowing of it, I grew up quick,
I felt and even worried when Mom was sick;
I grew to fall in love for the first time,
With something, they called Football, at that time;
I loved kicking that ball around with friends,
It was true love, it was my first real trend;
But exploring, I fell out of favour,
I was losing my attracting flavour;
I was no more the star but a big boy,
I had to dress alone and leave my toys;
And when I started doubting everything,
Life came to me with some other new things;
She said that I would get used to it soon,
That there are some new things I had to tune;
I trusted and moved to adolescence,
Leaving behind me all my innocence;
From there, I discovered a new feeling,
They called it Love too, but with no kicking;
Eager, I wanted to try it quickly,
Even if around me, they lived it hickly;
I dashed in, without knowing all of it,
I did not know there was heartbreak in it;
Love scared me despite it was beautiful,
With Football, it was safe and much peaceful;

Years went fast as I grew up to be a man,
I had time to know our cute halves women;
With joy I had fallen in love again,
But this time with Writing, feeling no pain;
I loved her and she loved me back in bliss,
With her around, nothing could kill my peace;
I was twenty-two and very far home,
Always exploring life, I went to roam;
“Perhaps I had better stayed inside mom”,
I always said with my mind almost numb;
The world was so wide and Life got so rough;
There was no way back, I had to walk tough;
Once again, when I started lamenting,
Life came back, always looking promising;
She said that better things are yet to come,
That I still have to explore to become,
Everything she had promised me back there,
That I shouldn’t worry if things are not fair;
At first, I did not know what even to say,
But, guess what? I just have to go her way.


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