Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2015

congrats !!! the poiesis, ~by Akshaya Kumar Das



congrats !!! the poiesis,

congrats !!! the poiesis,
the seven poets from the oasis,
a jewel for the seven in the crown,
for a poet it is truly a beautiful gown,
the poetic acumen,
comes with regimen,
the heart gets filled,
more of poems will be spilled,
poetic spills enthralling the heart,
the universe knows the poets’ faith….
an award is crown in the desert,
the poet feels with pride his worth….
the might of his pen,
dressed with drunken wisdom & acumen…
once again the desert blooms,
the storms of happiness starts to loom,
the poets’ foot in mouth,
in a desert an oasis is the only truth…. ______________________________________
(c) copy right Akshaya Kumar Das 8/4/2015 written on the eve of Poeisis award for seven poets Sri Rajendra Padhi, Prof.Vihang A.Naik, Dr. Ram Sharma, Dr.Vijay Nair, Dr.Nandini Sahu, Linda Ibbotson and Diane R.Light by


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