Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2015

Daily missive for Wednesday the 8th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 8th of April.

It is the same sky
But from a different angle
The coffee tastes good
And there is a buzz in the air
But not from a bee
The honey is
Already on the table
And the ambience is
Specially prepared,
To capture
The life-long dedication
Of the passing trade.
The radio plays breakfast music,
As newborn’s,
In expensive strollers,
Through the hubble-bubble
Of the cappuccino crowd,
Yet wake in the night
At the slightest sound.
Everything glows like new
And in many ways,
That is true,
But it is also me,
Looking at things
A little differently.
Sitting by the window
Writing through my reflection
In the lap top,
Finding it a strange distraction.
Laughing at the look
Of concentration,
Wondering what a sight
I might make,

To the walkers and talkers,
Who tarry awhile,
Over croissants and toast.
Or the working crew,
Who hate to queue
And just want a flat white,
And a light bite,
To eat on the run,
Whilst others
Rummage through
A mixed selection
Of hurriedly collected
Morning post,
In too much of a rush
To be read at home,
They open envelopes
With butter knives
And spread sunshine
Too thinly,
As their slice of life
Curls at the edges.
A final demand
Before the day has begun,
Is not a pun,

And maybe they should
Have left them lying
Where they fell,
But who can tell
What would be better
To come home too,
A floor full of worries
Or a clean slate,
With the bills all paid
And neatly stacked
Under a side plate.
Meetings arranged,
Contracts exchanged
In a coffee shop,
It gets the job done,
In the comfort of
A window seat,
Framed by the light of the sun.
What fun.

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