Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2015

RAIN FALLS ~by Suzette Portes San Jose




when the world weeps, tears are gathered
into the clouds, are moist clustered

too heavy to keep, the sky does whine
on thirsty ground, heavens divine

drops showering, kissing each way
from the leaves, to the waters to lay

through the ripples… it flows
on striking rays… it glows

along with current comes rushing
among the rocks gone crushing

it whispers.. murmurs… and moaning
in search of stillness…in fear…gnawing

goes on… wandering through, to far end
looks on heaven… was a sigh, to send

a heart throbs for a long water fall
dripping through to a waiting stall

a midst and among the waters deep
awakens the soul that’s long been at sleep

in silence with no ripples ever heard
deafened with only eyes that stared

stunted waters down from a reef
holds the surging stillness in disbelief

from wailing tears, drops of water that fall
in life a heart and soul, still standing tall

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