Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2015

Riven~by rldubour




I want to tell you of a place, a place that they call Blue Nile.
Where strangers come to meet and play and like to stay awhile.
Cribbage is the game they play and some will stay all day.
Others just pop in and out as they pass the time away.
They join a team and make new friends and all have crazy names.
Some do take it serious; to others it’s just a game.
Fifteen two, a run of three gives you only five.
But you have a partner! What do they hold inside?
The object of the game of course is to be the first team to the end.
Just having fun with real nice people and making all new friends.
The Bears, Black Hawks and Cupids, the Rebels and the Cons.
Lucky J, the Rocks, the Keepers, even the Wyld Ones!
Born Winners and Earth Spirits, Nite Owls and the Stars.
Just having fun win or lose it’s always in the cards.
The Sexdevils and the Woofies, Dragon Shadows and the Crowns.
Even have Ms Celebrity Row and we all just fool around.
Thank you all for this place to go and what you all have given.
A place to go and meet new friends, this place that they call Riven.

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