Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2015

The Prodigious Art~by Hela Tekali



The Prodigious Art

O Muhammed ! I would like to praise you
Only Allah knows that the love I feel for you is so earnest and true
Driving my soul away from the sad song of the Blues
I am ready to challenge the world to see the glee back on your smile
To defy the cruelty of disbelievers though wicked and vile
This is all I can do
To prove my passion for you
I wish I could sacrifice my soul for you
To see your Grace forever shining on the top of all
Above the Quods,
I would like to see no muslim
Fall no more
I beg you to believe in my honest feelings
Though frail my spirit is,
I am striving to Holy inspire
Through my genuine healings
For Islam is the prodigious Art
I wish I could let its sun forever shine and have a propitious start

Written by Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry
All my love heart emoticon

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