Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2015

Extreme Evolution~by Nicholas Thompson



Extreme Evolution

Screaming into the world,
a small being of possibility.
So dependent,
such a jovial personality.

Now walks tall, proud,
no one can stop him.
Even if he is still a single digit,
he has the world in him.

Adolescent now,
growing in all places anew.
Worries now, what they think,
straight or askew.

A mockery, defaced,
spirit lost in the midst.
Cool kids, jocks,
give his mind a good twist.

Potential thrown in his face,
ambition runs through his veins –
those he slashes,
an attempt at therapy, in vain.

Teen years behind now,
a future in the pipeline.
He meets a love,
one like no other kind.

They will kiss,
break up, make up,
experience a love, unabashed.
Before they know it,
happily married with kids,
life has flashed.

He will never know that his love,
a great romantic,
felt just as he did before they acquainted.
Broken pieces glued together,
a forceful bond too strong,
a love that cannot be tainted.

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