Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2015

Space for breathe….~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Space for breathe….

the flavour of green,
from tea to natures’ green,
a wonderful flavor filters the mind,
filters the ambient moods & the wind,
the swift morning breeze passes with moods,
catching up with the moods of the poets to brood,
brood over word after word ,
to compose a green poem for the world,
too much of everything is bad,
the inhabitants are too hard,
their only passion is destroy the green,
cut the trees around turn the earth into an oven,
the soil is given a dressing with cement,
concrete plantations come up soaring without any lament,
when the world would realise its mistakes,
just do not venture to repeat them just for stakes,
no sooner the universe would turn into a heat chamber,
life would gasp for little fresh air and die & suffer..
no one looks serious,
let the universe go the way ferocious.
one day the population of vehicles would be more than man,
forget about the animals who helplessly die in the run….
man never learns unless the fury of nature shows its teeth,
laughing at mans’ false ego and space for breathe…
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 10/4/15 8:25 hrs..

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