Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2015

Wings of Snow~by rldubour



Wings of Snow

The angels with their wings of snow,
Like a thousand candles their halos glow.
As the spirits guide them through the rays of lights,
Their music is of great delight the sounds of love will guide them right.
To the earth bound humans down below,
To the doors of heaven the angels show.
From the beaches, valleys and mountain tops,
Their endless task does never stop.
The task of guiding departed souls from earth,
To heaven above to a peaceful worth.
Family, friends you shared in lifes test,
And through your journey you have tried your best.
But when it ends as all things do,
The angels are here waiting just for you.
And while we are here we pray for a sign,
To bring peace and love to all mankind.

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