Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 13, 2015

“ alive “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ alive “

woke up at one
and searched for you then
in the streets we walked
on the walls we crawled
not knowing then
the time for you not one
and you are away at work
my kisses flew in air
my thoughts
chased your presence
my haunts wanted
your essence
you tell me now
what should i do with me now
how will i soothe this heart of mine
whom will show these wounds of mine
your friendly touch
with thoughts of love
with gentle kisses
ease my pain heal my wounds
in this barren life
your streams of love
flowered my gardens
and unfurled my wings

floating through
these winds of love
with this breathe of love
and sailing on waves of love
i live my moments
loving our love
from places far away
from oceans further away
keeping you
near my heart
placing you
in my soul
i am alive
~ yathi..rajbabu gandham

copyright © author rajbabug 13apr15 2123 1748

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