Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 13, 2015

Finding YOU~by Bipul Banerjee



Finding YOU

The rose petals shower on me,

Smothering the curves on my skin.

An idyllic red bleeds to a crimson shade,

And my heart feels it once more,

Withered by my sentiments drenched in the colours so intense.

In the midst of reds and yellows,

Hands held out in a field of shadows.

Swirling in the echoes of a laughter,

Amidst ‘dusk’ running away,

Chasing for the scent of a rose.

It was said that a request would stop the pricking,

Should I choose to hold on to a rose.

To embrace a memory made of thorns,

To linger on the pathway of forlorn,

And enjoy the moment of my fall.

But, a piano starts to resound in the heart,

And a tone of darkness blends in with the lies.

Its taunting melody sings of her,

While her memory turned its back on me,

The withering rose starts to cry alone.

What’s left of me is lost in her,

But I can’t find her.

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