Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2015

In search of the lost time~by Hela Tekali



In search of the lost time

In search of the lost time
It is not the future i am searching for
Nor the present my heart is left torn asunder to implore
But constantly the past i’m longing for
Shadows of the past obsessing my frail soul
Footsteps in the dim darkness sunk in the deep hole
Ashes of dust i need to turn complete and whole
Shall i forget the past to catch up with the present time and feel no regret
Or recollect those broken memories and beg them not again to entreat
Acquiring new experiences to defy challenges and my
Weaknesses to overcome and defeat
I have grown mature
I have still time to endure those emotional scars
Meanwhile with much wisdom i shall turn them onto noble stars
Catching up with my lost time
Looking forward to forge ahead in the meantime
With an incessant desire
Not to step backward in the course of time
Time goes by so fast!
My self needs to reconcile with the lost past
To be able to sail aboard its lifeboat with holy trust
Turning its back on the blemishing dust

Written by Jenayah Hela

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