Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2015

Papa Don’t Preach, Mama Don’t Teach!~by Jessabelle Autumn



Papa Don’t Preach, Mama Don’t Teach!

Stop! Stop! Stop!
I won’t hear no more
You’re hurting my ears
This is not a folklore
And I’m not gonna live in fear

You were never in the picture
Because you were living with bottles
You only granted me with thousands of tortures
And certainly you were not a role model

You yelled and broke things at home
Like a dictator who owns the world
My mouth was filled with a thick foam
Because you said I was being a bad girl

You never see me as a daughter
I was a punching bag for your madness
For me you were more like a monster
The reason I was being trapped in sadness

You were never there to care
Because you were busy chasing men
You were always being unfair
When you let them touch me with their hands

So papa please don’t preach
You’re just a devil claiming to be a saint
And mama don’t try to teach
Because your attempt will only be in vain


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