Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2015

We the extraordinary….~by Bipul Banerjee



We the extraordinary….

We the extraordinary….

I am lost into the warmth of your soul

Your warmth completes me … makes me feel whole

I am lost into the tenderness of your eyes

Your tender eyes capture me …

When I stare into them … I wish time dies

I am lost into the depth of your voice

The way it rings into my ears brings me joyce

The more I get close to you …

I can’t help but getting closer

I have no choice

I am lost into the passion of your heart

Your passion reaches me even though we are apart

Something between us I’ve noticed from the start

This heart-to-heart mysterious link

The endless comfort …. inner happiness … harmony you bring into my life

The way my feelings for you grow and develop… makes me really think

I keep on thinking what is it between us that makes me feel this way?

What is between us … is a mystery

What is between us go beyond mere chemistry

It is a dream of sharing one life

It is an endless understanding and respect

Understanding in many different aspects

We share the same view on almost everything

Whether about life, work, religion, love, family or friends

I enjoy talking and arguing with you … I hope this feeling never ends

Something is very different about you

Your personality makes me stumble

You are very confident yet humble

You are very crazy yet mature

Your flowing care makes me feel so secure

You and me are extraordinary

They call me ‘the dusk’ and you the morning !!!

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