Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2015

Respite~by Paul F. Lenzi





a saturday sun

set in brilliant blue sky

suggests leisure

a time for deep breathing

a fresh air elixir

inebriant warmth

heightens senses

to crosstalk of

birdsong in so many

languages greenery

cast in so many

bright shades

piquant smells of a

garden trade off

with more earthy

aromas of freshly

turned loam a slow

wander in woods

where the scurry of

chittering critters

at play brings a

smile contented

with aimlessness

carnally vivid with joy

nothing pressing

demands or a duty

just free as the breeze

light and airy of heart

burdens lifted away

a luxurious absence

of misery’s pain

a reward for the spirit

a day to remember

to savor if only a

figment imagined

by one very wounded

and weary old mind

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