Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2015

A ROSE UPON A ROSE~by Romeo Della Valle




I had a dream
That you turned into
A beautiful smiling rose
And stole the spotlight
In my colorful garden!

One early morning
While watering all the flowers,
I noticed your presence
When your bright color
Stroke my eyes and
Extra attention I paid to you!

Every time I got closed to you,
I noticed your petals moving
Like you recognized me
And gave me the impression
You were actually smiling!

It was a matter of time
When entering the garden
That I also noticed
The rest of the flowers
Did not look like before
Your surprising arrival
And figured out immediately:
Pure Jealousy, of course!

I couldn’t find the way
To clearly explain
To all those jealous flowers
That you were already
In existence in another garden
But the one in my heart!

As time passed by,
I couldn’t hardly wait
For you to turn back
Into what you were before:
The one who stole my heart!

Romeo Della Valle
(c)all rights Reserved-2015
New York City

(*) Artwork designed by:

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