Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2015

River-Rose~by Norman Wilson




There was an unveiled flower
Revealing before a red fiery sun
Where her beauty bloomed upward
Rising then falling where the river runs

She walked amongst scented posies
In a sway of devilish throes
Rising amid burning hearts
In a world that only, she did know

There was no comparison
From the swelling and heaving sighs
As she waded softly into the bulrushes
Where a sedge of the faithless lie

The sun rose on our second day
Before the ending of her nights
Where you see the dead in your dreams
Wading in the reeds, going towards the light

My River-Rose is amongst them
With a smiling cheapish, grin
For she promised to come back once again
To share a new life on the outside facing in

Caught in the fires of Pompeii
Where my River-Rose met her demise
I sit nestled next to a running stream
Waiting for my River-Rose to rise

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