Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2015

When Love Separates~by Priya Batra



When Love Separates

When love separates, it gives us pain and fears,
It seems that there is rain of tears.
People cry aloud but no one hear,
The pain of separation, they are not able to bear.
They start spending their life alone,
When their loved ones have gone.
They never love anyone else again,
To hide their tears, they walk alone in rain.
They seem abnormal to others and are lost,
They are still, they don’t move on at any cost.
They want back their love badly,
Whom once they loved madly.
Love is not easy to forget,
When its gone, everyone regrets.
They blame themselves for their separation,
Most of them go under depression.
That pain of separation is not easy to tolerate,
Those who are able to smile after that are really great.
Oh God! Never let someone fall in love truly,
If so, never separate them so cruelly.

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