Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2015

Woodstock~by Norman Wilson




Where were you when I went to Woodstock
Such a wondrous time we could have shared
I looked for you my sweet darling
However, you were never there

Many years now have passed
And I still dream of you my sweet
I envisioned us both dancing naked together
As I swept you off your feet

Me as the handsome young man
And you the beauty you are
While all my looks have become burdened
Under an old face bludgeoned in scares

Forgive me for this letter
That I wrote so many years ago
For I did not know where to send it
Even though, I loved you so

It was a wondrous time for Woodstock
That brought peace and love that day
It was not until just recently
I found out you overdosed and passed away

I forgive you for missing Woodstock
Enjoying in the revelling fun
As you now share with the angels
In heaven above the glowing sun

Please accept my letter now
And the love I have always had
As it has been over forty years
And my heart is still grieving sad

One day we will dance together
Naked on heavens floating clouds
It will be just like the weekend in Woodstock
Where we will join deep within a crowd

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