Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2015

Adios to Mirror!~by Asif Ahmed



Adios to Mirror!

See my mirror is smothering out,
tired I sit probing for my face in it,
am I those incarnated gas of feelings?
am I those broken lyres of lightening?

My mirror lied to me decades about the world,
I was not the one who smiled there when displayed.
Its reflections were bundle of fiction, a farce,
and I trusted. Mirror! You crucified my Nemesis.

See my eyes are clouding over and over,
those white clothed plantations of hair,
and cheeks deprecating me with deep wreckage,
What all these rubbles signify? decay!

I am going to stop this reverie, Muse!
this mad trance is unending, and no excuse!
this mere exaggerated gaiety of life drains
my venturing dreams of heavenly rains!

Behold, all those lights disclose are not the world,
beyond senses and intuition, there see my divine, my God!
Adios, all those sounds sprout are not the voices,
beyond this sensational den, there is an invisible cosmos!

© Asif Ahmed

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