Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2015

I LOOK BACK~by Rajendra Padhi




The dried flower grieves in the vase
Strangely bears scent at night
But spring will not make it flower again
Despite my art as a gardener
The scent will turn into vapor at morn.

The perfume thickens like night
Reclaim an image dancing in the pupils
Like the moon in the black sky,
Brings back an illusion in the eyes
Like an antiquity in ephemeral charm
Echoing glories of oblivious hours.

I can half make out things I can’t get
But it comes to me as golden dreams,
I can’t doze off to its fragrance sweet
Vying to use up days laden with memory
How am I lost with moments lost!

How small is the past in fleeting hours
The pages we have already read
Connect us to our story till end,
The old city changes its face faster
But the heart there in swells in tears.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K Padhi

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