Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2015

……….Let Me Confess……..~by Vinod Kumar Mishra



……….Let Me Confess……..

I see her happy in bits I gave while I suffered a rough tongue,
She smiles every time at my knocks while she carries a heavy heart,
I wonder I’m mean,but she shares my sins to mark me on the forehead.

I find her jealous burning in grudges of my sweet gazes at girls,
She still looks back at me as if I were a banyan,she sought my shade,
I think I’m rude,but she wears my dues to enthrone me high at heart.

I heard her call me in tones that melted me in tears I gathered in leisure,
She rushed at me to comfort rising storms rigid to break robust me-ness,
I imagine I’m a rogue,but she’s firm to hold till the last sun goes to bed.

I smelt a fragrance from remote fields that tempt me to have a jaunt,
She stands and waits an august love to appear at flaunting skirts in bloom,
I bid bye to native faces that annoy new fabrics to resume a leap to love.

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