Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2015

OUR LAST MEETING~by Dipankar Sadhukhan




O my beloved! perhaps it is our last meeting here.
I can hear the call of journey in the air.
The moon is eagerly waiting for me.
I will fly in the boundless sky quietly.

A million light years away the stars twinkle for me.
Wiith the rhythm of the dancing stars my heart beats happily.
The time has come to bid you good bye
As the night has prepared me to soar in the sky.

So lovely, so sweet moments we spent together.
Our hearts must witness all the past happy hours.
In my sad days you would make my mind so fresh.
In my happy time you would increase my happiness.

The wind is blowing and whispering with me –
Don’t waste much time to start your journey
As you have to go a million miles before the morn;
You have to finish your journey by the dawn.

Don’t be morbid if I may not come back here.
Don’t mourn if I may not meet you, dear!
If you look at the moon and the stars,
You must find your love there.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.

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