Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 25, 2015

L I F E~by Mohammad Salman




I was innocent, I was shy,
I did not know the world nor did I try,
I began my life outside the doors,
Unable to cope with pressure and the roars,
I got pushed, I got shoved,
Did not know how to loved,
I was kicked, I was beaten,
Body in pain, soul weakened,
My heart died, but I felt no pain,
Filled with scars and nothing to gain,
But then I saw the gleam of light,
Shining down on me, clearing my sight,
She took me in, gave love to me,
Helped me back up, set me free,
I became confident, became proud,
My emotions, they shouted out loud,
I went back again, ready to wrestle,
Fought hard through the hassle,
I overcame my demons, and won the battle,
My power unleashed, soul strengthened,
I knew them, who had hurt me,
They were down under, I could see,
But I did not take revenge,
For I was better,
Because of only them,
I got the courage to fight my battle smile emoticon

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