Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2015

LET HEARTS WIN~by Jagjit Singh Jandu

Dedicate this poem to my dear friends Valentyna Kryvokon, Chryssa Velissariou, LaSoaphia QuXazs, Fran Ayers, sis Jen Walls sis Jeannine Louis,Vania Bachvarova , Chouchou Maldemer Anne Hilary Sanderson , Madhu Rajvenshi i, Tribhawan Kaul, Madan Gandhi, Christa Werth…..and …..!!!



What this sleep?
Neither creeping out nor living in!
Seems your love
Keep irrigating my blood and skin!
Knocks at the door
Souls in love suffer, can’t leave their kin!
Distance can’t defeat
Sacred hearts beat in resonance & pin!
Spirits dance in ether
Minds hug to swing and souls to spin!
Souls in search
Dig soil deep may be love-gold or tin!
Love & language
No barrier for spirits, one’s native or Latin!
What emotions wear
No matter. One may rob cotton or satin!
Love, life & God
We feel love as worship but never a sin!
Eye’s thirst prays
Breaths inhale love and beats to win!

By Jagjit Singh Jandu(JIT)
@ April 26, 2015
All Rights Reserved

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